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Cayce’s Historical Museum closed for two hours on Wednesday to welcome a special guest. Erik Hastings, known to most as Erik the Travel Guy, visited the museum to film an episode of his show Beyond your backyard.

The Educational Travel Series features Hastings, which educates viewers about history, culture, food, famous attractions and places off the beaten path across North America. The series airs nationally on PBS and Create Channel, and is viewed in 48 states.

Wednesday’s stop in Cayce was one of 11 locations across the state where Hastings and his crew are filming for two episodes about the South Carolina War of Independence. According to Hastings, the president of the Regional Capital / Lake Murray Country tourism board, Miriam Atria, first spoke to him about the idea for the war series two years ago while he was filming. on Murray Lake.

“She wouldn’t have been able to convince me without being able to support him,” Hastings said. “I believe this story on the Revolutionary War Trail in South Carolina is an understated story. I’m not saying the people telling it aren’t doing a good job, I’m saying I think we need to do more to tell this story. “

Andy Thomas, assistant at the Cayce Historical Museum, spoke to Hastings about the history of Fort Granby.

“A lot of people don’t even know in their own backyards here at Columbia what resources we have at the Cayce Historical Museum that tell this story,” Thomas said. “We are delighted to have Erik the Travel Guy here and to be able to promote our story of the Cayce area and the battles that took place here during the Revolution.”

The hope is that people will not only be educated by the show, but also make them want to know more.

“The important part, for me at least, is to inspire viewers to come and see it for themselves,” Hastings said.

The Cayce Historical Museum is located at 1800 12th St. Hastings, said the episodes will air later this year.

See the episodes of Beyond your backyard HERE. Learn more about the South Carolina War of Independence at / revolutionary-war

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Patrick F. Williams