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MISSOULA, Mont. – Some of the July 4th celebrations that were “on hold” due to COVID-19 are back, like the old-fashioned 4 at Fort Celebration in Fort Missoula. However, this year’s celebration will be a little different.

This year, a big change is that the event is free. As 2020 has been difficult for many, the organizers didn’t want an entrance fee to be a barrier.

Instead, volunteers will accept cash donations for the Friends of the Historical Museum charity and the Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History. Your unused dollars will be used to fund education programs and preservation projects at the fort.

The event will offer all kinds of activities: old-fashioned children’s games, tours of the various buildings of Fort Missoula, ancient engine exhibits, Big Sky Breakout Escape games, miniature ponies and even a visit to Smokey. the bear itself. For your picnic on July 4th, there will be food trucks, sodas and beer available. There will also be a mobile vaccination unit, so that you can get vaccinated.

Matt Lautzenheiser, executive director, said returning the event was a big deal for the museum.

“Just to see people come back to our grounds and here enjoy the historical museum, enjoy this beautiful place and all the great history that we have in the community,” said Lautzenheiser. “It’s wonderful for us as staff, as boards and just as a community to be able to see some of these things that we cherish come back.”

Because the organizers are starting to plan the event months in advance, they have been cautious in their decision making.

This year there won’t be a big pancake breakfast, the iconic big white tent or live music. This way, people can still easily distance themselves socially.

Instead, there will be a live radio DJ playing the tunes.

The executive director said he was already looking forward to bringing those items back next year.

The festivities start at 10 a.m. It’s going to be hot and without a large tent you might want to pack your lawn chairs, umbrellas, and water.

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Patrick F. Williams