The Ohio Historical Museum visits the Scioto County Heritage Museum.

PORTSMOUTH – John McHenry, chairman of the Scioto County Heritage Museum, is working to continue with plans to open the museum.

The museum will consist of three floors and date back to the Revolutionary War, with educational and research-based event plans following the pandemic. The committee also plans to work with other local museums, such as the Southern Ohio Museum and the Roy Rogers Museum, to promote a common message of keeping history alive in the area.

On August 10, 2021, McHenry, along with other museum staff, met with members of the Ohio Historical Museum to develop a strategic plan for the local museum to open.

McHenry said the Ohio Historical Museum became interested when it noticed his efforts to establish the museum and decided to reach out. Since then, they have formed a relationship with each other.

“It was their first time going down, so we took them around and started creating our strategic plan,” McHenry said.

Ben Anthony and Allison Susor, two members of the Ohio Historical Museum, helped create a strategic plan that will show what the plans are for the museum, development, funding, and overall everything going from there. before.

“We’re a non-profit organization, so having a fundraising plan is really important,” McHenry said.

The Ohio Historical Museum is currently in the process of sending out materials and from there the committee will develop a plan that will serve as a roadmap for the museum to achieve its goals.

McHenry shared that he was very grateful for the interest and support of the Ohio Historical Museum and hopes the partnership will continue to grow.

“It means a lot to me that they cared and wanted to help us pursue this plan,” McHenry said. “It was absolutely great to have their interest, especially since development is a whole new area for me.”

McHenry will continue its relationship with the Ohio Historical Museum to move forward with plans for the eventual opening of the Scioto County Heritage Museum.

“Our mission is to preserve Scioto County’s past and carry it into the future,” McHenry said.

A member of the Scioto County Heritage Museum and the Ohio Historical Museum poses for a photo August 10 after discussing the museum’s future plans.

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